Interdisciplinary System Documentation

Efficient Data Continuity with the EPLAN Platform

Integration into existing company processes

Your Benefit

  • Interdisciplinary system designs, from preplanning to maintenance
  • Efficient data continuity based on a common engineering platform
  • Integrated interfaces between a variety of engineering disciplines as well as direct connection options to higher-level management systems such as PDM or ERP

Digital Twin and Smart Factory

Using EPLAN Pro Panel, power enclosures and control cabinets are laid out as 3D models and cooling system options can be efficiently designed

Cloud-supported system enables access to system documentation at any time and from anywhere

Your Benefit

  • Depicting the digital twin of a plant system in all engineering disciplines
  • 3D control cabinet layouts with optimal designs for cooling systems
  • Common database for modern operations and maintenance concepts
  • Current cloud technologies enable access to documentation at any time

Standards and Supplier Guidelines

EPR Module: The EPLAN Project Reference Module is used to check the supplied plant system documentation and compare it to the existing specifications

EPLAN supports the creation of design and supplier guidelines and offers targeted training courses for suppliers

Your Benefit

  • Comprehensive functionality for implementing and distributing supplier specifications
  • Development and implementation of specific EPLAN supplier training courses
  • Extensive testing possibilities for the delivered plant system documentation
  • EPLAN Engineering Configuration provides tools for automatically generating plant system documentation