Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Functional schematic for a pump

Schematic with reports

Your Benefit

Detail Engineering

  • Graphic or device-oriented designing
  • EPLAN is the market standard for electrical engineering
  • Direct access to a variety of device data from numerous manufacturers
  • High degree of automation via macro variants and value sets
  • Integrated IEC, NFA, GOST and GB symbol libraries
  • Easy data exchange with customers and suppliers via project-oriented data management
  • Integration into upstream and downstream processes and systems


Pneumatic schematic with cylinder control via valve terminals

3D layout of a pneumatic control cabinet with hose lists as manufacturing documentation

Your Benefit

  • Design of pneumatic control systems
  • Configurating valve terminals
  • Supports the ISO 1219 and IEC 81346 standards
  • Electrical engineering designs can be seamlessly integrated into the pneumatic documentation
  • Numerous macros available as standard
Wire Planning and Wire Routing

Wire Planning and Wire Routing

Wire planning for a machine

Automated manufacturing drawings for wires

Your Benefit

Applications in Machine Wiring

  • Wire length calculations
  • Wire processing
  • Wire selection for each installation location

Applications for Wiring in Enclosures

  • Wire routing
  • Wire harness designs