Your Benefit

  • Database-supported creation of function-oriented schematics
  • High potential for standardisation and automation in project creation by using macro technology
  • Direct access to a variety of manufacturer data in the EPLAN Data Portal
  • Graphic and object-oriented work methods possible for engineering design


Manufacturer EPLAN Data Portal

Integrated Value Chain

Your Benefit

  • Direct access to manufacturing data and online configurators
  • Completely digitalised ordering process
  • Automatic generation of bills of materials
  • Preparation of data for importing into your company‘s ERP system


Mounting panel in EPLAN Pro Panel

Production-ready cutting lists with length specifications in EPLAN Pro Panel

Your Benefit

  • Easy and intuitive placement of mounting rails and wire ducts
  • Providing data from the digital twin for cutting DIN rails and wire ducts to length
  • Providing data sets in XML format
  • Time savings of up to 51% thanks to fully automatic terminal strip production

Panel Modification

Mounting panel with drilling patterns in EPLAN Pro Panel

Rittal Perforex BC Machining Center

Your Benefit

  • Drilling information is transferred to the workpiece by way of components from the database
  • Simplified data management via standardised drilling patterns
  • Automatically create drilling and milling data using the digital twin
  • Time savings of up to 89% thanks to fully automated preparation of the order at the machining centre
  • Making changes is easy and there’s an overview of consistent data

Terminal Strip Assembly

Terminal strips in EPLAN Pro Panel

Control cabinet legend with terminal strip overview

Your Benefit

  • Easy creation of the digital twin for panbel building
  • Assemble and assign terminal strips in engineering
  • Complete work steps in parallel by pre-assembling terminal strips
  • Test and complete terminal strips using the manufacturer’s software


Mechanical Installation

3D model and manufacturing documentation for control cabinet assembly

Paperless document access in EPLAN eVIEW

Your Benefit

  • Easy creation of the digital twin as the foundation for enclosure production
  • Collision checks in the model reduce the need for corrections later, saving time and money
  • Heat sources are made apparent early in the planning phase
  • Visual guidance for assembly via 2D and 3D manufacturing documentation
  • Providing digital manufacturing documentation for paperless production
  • Parallel processing steps by outputting cutting lists

Labelling Devices

Schematics in EPLAN Electric P8 with devices, cables and wiring

Label writer for generating labels

Your Benefit

  • Data transfer through standardised interfaces to label printing systems of component manufacturers
  • No manual entry, sorting or processing required

Wire Fabrication

Routed mounting plates in EPLAN Pro Panel

Possible savings potential by automating wire assembly

Your Benefit

  • Pre-assembly offers the highest potential for savings for the entire control cabinet production
  • Length, colour, cross-section and target wiring are all automatically determined
  • Exporting of data sets to wiring processing machines or service providers
  • Transparent change process using change lists


Routed mounting panel in EPLAN Pro Panel

Display of the wiring steps in EPLAN Smart Wiring

Your Benefit

  • Rule-based routing for wiring from the 3D model of the schematics
  • Derive information from the digital twin, for instance about the length, colour and cross-section of wires and termination, source and destination
  • Optimising wiring through the use of visualisations and by providing all data in digital form
  • Time savings of 20% thanks to visual source/destination representation in EPLAN Smart Wiring
  • Information about routing paths are also provided in 3D
  • Simplified representation enables wiring to be completed without wiring expertise
  • Status overview simplifies project handover


Digital wiring information in EPLAN Smart Wiring

Digital view in EPLAN eVIEW

Your Benefit

  • Preventing potential mistakes during commissioning
  • Providing digital project data
  • Easy testing without schematics via step-by-step instructions
  • All necessary information is available in digital form, from the connection point to the exact routing path – in 3D as needed
  • Status information makes transferring projects between various employees easier and enables project monitoring
  • Potential savings of up to 20% via the digital testing process in EPLAN Smart Wiring