Digital Twin and Industry 4.0

Using EPLAN Pro Panel, power cabinets and control cabinets are constructed as 3D models and the cooling options are efficiently designed.

Cloud-based solutions enable access to system documentation at any time from any location

Your Benefit

  • Quick identification of components when there’s a problem
  • Support for system approval and commissioning, e.g. via a simple target-performance comparison
  • Digital model as the basis for future repair and maintenance concepts, e.g. Maintenance 4.0 or augmented reality
  • Control cabinet layouts in 3D with optimal cooling designs
  • Depiction of the system’s digital twin in all engineering disciplines
  • Common database for modern operating and maintenance concepts
  • Cloud technologies enable documentation access at any time from any location

Project Versioning

Automatic version updates of older projects on the EPLAN Platform upon startup

Data migration into EPLAN Electric P8

Your Benefit

  • Simple version updates for projects based on the EPLAN Platform via integrated update mechanisms
  • Automatic project version update possible, also for complete directories
  • Project migration from EPLAN 5.70 Projects into EPLAN Electric P8 with support from EPLAN Consulting

Standardisation & Supplier Guidelines

EPR Module: With the EPLAN Project Reference Module, the delivered system documentation is checked against the specifications

EPLAN provide support for creating engineering and supplier guidelines and offers targeted training courses for suppliers

Your Benefit

  • Implementation and distribution of specifications for suppliers
  • Check of delivered system documentation
  • Implementation of specific EPLAN supplier training courses
  • EPLAN provides support for creating engineering and supplier guidelines
  • Automatic generation of system documentation with EPLAN Engineering Configuration

Integrated Documentation

Optimal support for the greenlining and redlining process

Integrated documentation from planning to maintenance

Your Benefit

Continuous and consistent documentation along the entire value chain

  • Easy access via a web browser and QR codes
  • Always the most up-to-date version of the EPLAN Platform with notes about changes and no effort needed for installation
  • Access to manufacturer data for installed and planned components
  • High availability and fast data access via cloud technology
  • Paperless cooperation between users from various departments including manufacturing, service, management, PDM and PLM through to the end customers
  • Support for the greenlining and redlining process

Interdisciplinary Documentation

Efficient data continuity with the EPLAN Platform

Integration into existing company processes

Your Benefit

  • Interdisciplinary planning from preplanning and utilisation through to maintenance
  • Efficient data continuity
  • Integrations and bidirectional interfaces between various engineering disciplines
  • Direct connections to higher-level management systems such as PDM or ERP