EI&C Engineering

Ventilation Scheme

Building Automation List

Your Benefit

Basic Engineering

  • Create basic process data, information on measuring and consumption points as well as requirements for instrumentation for PCT loop management
  • High degree of automation
  • Plant system structures in clear tree view
  • Importing of PCT loop lists from Excel tables
  • Evaluation of PCT loops for quick project overview

Electrical Engineering

Device Power Supply

Your Benefit

Detail Engineering

  • Graphic or device-oriented designing
  • Measuring systems and sensors for monitoring plant systems and recording environmental data including wind speed, controlling full-scale power converters, temperatures in the plant system (lubricants, bearing temperatures and others) and the power switchgear system (medium voltage)
  • EPLAN is the market standard for electrical engineering
  • Direct access to a variety of manufacturer device data, including IEC, NFPA, GOST and GB system libraries with a high degree of automation via macro variants and value sets
  • Easy data exchange with customers and suppliers via project-oriented data management

Fluid Power Engineering

Powertrain brake

Your Benefit

  • Macro and database-supported creation of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering designs
  • Evaluation of hose and piping lists as well as expendable and replacement parts lists

Wire Planning

EPLAN Harness proD: Typical wire harness of a hub

System topology representation with wire routing lists

Your Benefit

  • Virtual routing of wire assemblies
  • Routing, material and cost analyses for energy storage systems, three-phase inverters and integrated power supplies